Turning paychecks into progress for organizations and their people

ProsperBridge is a Public Benefit Corporation helping organizations and their people spend less and get more from their compensation, benefits, and other resources.

Employers and their people share a problem: wages and benefits are failing to achieve desired outcomes.  Despite wage increases, new benefits like mental health and financial wellness programs, and even generous bonuses, employers are struggling to attract, develop, and retain the right talent.

It’s no easier for their people.  Soaring costs of housing, education, health care, and now groceries and consumer goods have made paychecks less valuable than ever, with nearly 4-in-5 Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck.  No wonder 73% of Americans say money is the #1 stress in their lives.

Organizations and their people need to spend less and get more from their compensation.

What if each team member had an assistant to help convert their compensation into meaningful, personal progress?

ProsperBridge gives every member of your team a Personal Prosperity Assistant (PPA).  A PPA is an actual human who creates personalized pathways to progress.  For 30 minutes each month, PPAs work with every employee in confidential, one-on-one virtual meetings to prioritize and get tasks done that help overcome challenges, achieve goals, and establish a foundation for success.

What if organizations could optimize their benefit spend to build a compensation strategy that met the specific needs of their people?

ProsperBridge starts with identifying the gaps between your current compensation strategy and the needs of your people.  Understanding which benefits are most relevant, effective, and understood by your team not only enhances the value of your current plan, it also informs potential changes that can bring massive value to both the organization and its people.

What if a confidential, trusted third-party helped everyone extract the full potential value not just from compensation, but from external resources as well?

ProsperBridge goes beyond compensation to help with everyday and long-term challenges and opportunities.  We bring high tech, best-in-class tools that help create automatic budgets, eliminate high-cost debt, increase savings, reduce spending, plan for retirement, design protection plans, leverage local, state, and federal benefits, and more.

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