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We are a social benefit organization partnering with employers to create personalized pathways to financial progress for every member of their team.

Employers and their teams have a problem: financial exclusion threatens the security of their workforce.  While companies and their leaders work hard to provide compensation for their employees, a broken system keeps economic progress out of reach for most working Americans.

The “Financial Wellness” industry has been spitting out attempted solutions for some time now.  But even as more and more companies adopt these platforms, money stress and its associated problems are worsening.  The reason is simple: these programs all operate within the broken financial system that excludes most workers from success.

ProsperBridge creates a new environment.

Each team member is provided access to personalized solutions and guidance to escape the traps of the existing system.  Whether you are struggling to put food on the table or contemplating early retirement, the complexities and pitfalls of the financial system create cycles and inefficiencies that limit progress. ProsperBridge opens new pathways and a “Personal CFO” (Personal Prosperity Assistant) helps each individual make the most of them.

Outcome-based compensation.

Instead of a focus on increasing resources provided to employees—paychecks, perks, education, tools, etc.—we focus on how to convert those assets into meaningful progress.  Employers are already providing wages, benefits, and more to help your people succeed.  What your team needs is specific, personal guidance on how to optimize their resources to escape financial exclusion, reach their goals, and achieve financial stability—and beyond.

Addressing immediate needs.

There is a huge focus on investing and retirement-readiness in “financial wellness.”  While these are important, urgent needs such as putting groceries on the table, paying the rent or mortgage, adequate childcare and education, covering medical and other essential expenses, building sufficient emergency savings and protections, and dealing with debt are much more pressing. Employees need solutions for today so they can open possibilities for tomorrow.

Learn how you can address the real needs of your team.

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