The Solution:
Outcome-based Compensation

For decades, total rewards have focused on more:
more wages, more benefits, more perks.

As market and systemic forces have combined to sap the effectiveness of cash compensation, income has become little more than a lever for debt.

Benefits provide huge value to employees, but fewer than half understand them, and an even smaller number know how to select, use, and optimize indirect compensation for their personal circumstances.

“Financial Wellness” programs are just another product of a broken industry. These “free” perks are built on a pathway to sales or direct sales model that creates the same conflicts of interest and discrimination issues embedded in traditional financial services. And most of the education platforms fail to convert good intentions into meaningful, consistent action.

Three foundational values make it work.

While the existing financial system stifles progress, ProsperBridge creates a new environment to empower each team member’s success.

Everybody Counts

Regardless of income, job title, or background, each participant has access to the same service level and resources.  The financial system has made it harder for some people to reach their goals—we tear down those barriers at the individual level and replace them with individual success plans.


No Selling

Ever.  There is absolutely zero solicitation in our program.  There are no commissioned salespeople.  There are no conflicts of interest.  Our singular goal is to help each participant make meaningful, consistent progress.


Convert incomes into outcomes

Traditional compensation models have failed to help employees achieve success because they are adding more resources to a broken system.  Not only does ProsperBridge provide powerful, proven resources to help escape harmful financial cycles, we pair each participant with a guide who provides advice, advocacy, task assistance, accountability partnership, and a new suite of financial tools to help optimize each individual’s resources.

The Process

Integrate with HR

Your company already provides wages, benefits, and other resources to your employees. We make sure we understand the existing resources and work with you to create an engagement plan that is compatible with your culture.


Survey Your Team

A five-minute questionnaire helps us identify both individual and global pain points. While individual responses are never shared with the employer, aggregate results will help uncover specific challenges and opportunities for your organization. Specific stressors are identified at the individual level to help map personalized pathways to success.

Create, Measure, and Celebrate Success!

Each team member is paired with their Personal Prosperity Assistant (PPA) who will act like a Personal CFO to help optimize their financial world. At the company level we provide monthly education on issues important to your employee population. Real-time and periodic reporting combine to help both participants and employers see and celebrate progress.

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