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Reimagining Compensation: What You Can Do to Save Your Workers from Financial Exclusion

There is a mountain of data on this site and others that demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that financial progress and stability are more difficult to access than they have ever been. (If you’d ever like more information on this topic, email info@prosperbridge.org) All...

Stop Focusing on Income. Start Focusing on Outcomes.

Depending on where you get your data, there is either a massive and worsening income inequality gap, or top/bottom inequality is fabricated and is actually improving. But here is an inescapable truth: turning income to financial progress has never been more...

The Future of Work: Intersecting Technology and Human Connection

The world is rapidly approaching mass automation.  This means that any skill that can be codified will be performed by a computer or robot in the not-too-distant future. Ironically, education, job-training, and employee development is largely focused on passing along...

The Overlooked Health Issue Costing Employers Billions

Since the “Workplace Wellness” concept took hold in the 1970’s, employers have endeavored to contain costs and maintain productivity largely through a focus on physical health.  And that remains the focus today with hypertension, heart failure, diabetes management and...

Inputs vs. Outcomes: Why the living wage trend falls short

Target.  Amazon.  Walmart.  Now, Costco. America’s largest employers and retailers are all moving toward a living wage.  Costco joined the wage-hike trend today when the mega-box store committed to paying workers at least $16 an hour. As the Senate gears-up for a...

Education is not an Outcome

A few weeks ago, a Reddit-fueled frenzy exploded into national news when a handful of influencers created a movement to beat Wall Street hedge funds at their own game.  And for a few days, they actually did. My background in finance told me how this story was going to...

Transparency: How Candor Creates Progress

Would you be upset to learn that someone else had paid 1/10th the price for the same, essential service you received? Thanks to a rule that took effect in January, hospitals must now publish the prices they charged of 300 services and procedures. The results have been...

The Middle Class is dying. Employers can save it.

It took just 33 years. In the mid-1980’s, the middle class accounted for a third of America’s wealth.  Housing, education, and health care costs were all within reach for middle-income families.  Personal computers and video games were just starting to take off, cable...

The Future of Work: Human Capital Management and ROI

“I have a dream.”  This week—as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—is a time for bold ideas that can change the course of mankind.  It is a time to consider what we can do to contribute to equality of opportunity.  It is a time to lay out grand visions of a...

Economic Inclusion: Why some employees are locked-out of financial success

There is a strong push for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs in workplaces today.  2020 highlighted ongoing challenges with providing fair access to opportunity for all employees. One area that has not yet received much attention is Economic Inclusion.   The...

What is Financial Peril?

69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in a savings account. Most Americans’ financial worlds are balanced on the edge of a knife.  Accidents, injuries, illnesses, maintenance needs, death, disability, divorce, layoffs, legal liabilities, identity theft, arrests,...

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