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We are a social benefit organization partnering with employers to create personalized pathways to financial progress for every member of their team.

Employers and their teams have a problem: financial exclusion threatens the security of their workforce.  While companies and their leaders work hard to provide compensation for their employees, a broken system keeps economic progress out of reach for most working Americans.

The “Financial Wellness” industry has been spitting out attempted solutions for some time now.  But even as more and more companies adopt these platforms, money stress and its associated problems are worsening.  The reason is simple: these programs all operate within the broken financial system that excludes most workers from success.

Our Team

Jervis DiCicco, Chief Engagement Officer


Jervis has been a licensed financial professional for over 13 years.  While he maintained his independent financial planning practice for most of that time, he’s also worked for established firms like MassMutual and partnered with BlackRock, JP Morgan, and Lincoln Financial Group to bring creative wealth-building solutions to his clients.  Until leaving his practice to lead ProsperBridge, Jervis held four securities licenses in addition to the insurance licenses he maintains.  He has helped business owners and their teams with benefits efficiency, retirement planning, and protection and investment strategies.

“I’m proud of the work I’ve done for my clients,” Jervis says, “but I’ve always wished we could bring that same service to people who aren’t yet ready to work with a financial planner.  The truth is that the greatest value a financial professional provides is to be a catalyst for progress.  ProsperBridge is built around delivering the advice, assistance, and accountability that has previously only been accessible to those fortunate enough to hire a financial planner.  Working with employers, we can make that happen for everyone.”


Maggie Drucker, MHROD, Chief Relationship Officer


Maggie has over 20 years of experience administering company benefits and 401(k) Plans.  She is extremely passionate about employees understanding and navigating the benefits world from medical and dental plans to prescription coverage and HSAs.  Coupled with an undergrad and graduate degree in the HR field Maggie is also a previous designee for both the SPHR and SHRM – SCP designations.  Maggie worked for Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture and technology before electing to venture into the financial services world where she can better influence the education of her clients.  Ever passionate about serving her community, Maggie has over 17 years of Board of Director’s experience to include serving as president for the Denver, CO., and Sacramento, CA Society of Human Resources affiliate chapters.

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