For years, the term “customer experience” has been championed by some of the most successful companies out there. The idea was simple–craft an easy, enjoyable, efficient process and make sure to repeat it with every client.

It is encouraging to start to see a shift towards a focus on “employee experience.” This is about creating an environment where workers can thrive, providing personalized pathways to success, and embracing employees as human beings instead of just labor.

Unfortunately, our entire compensation system is built on an “input” method: companies pay wages and provide benefits and leave their employees to figure out how to make the best use of them.

The results have not been good. Stress is increasing, company loyalty is decreasing, and American workers are struggling to make sense of an increasingly complex, expensive world.

This article (slide 2) points to the employee experience and calls on HR Leaders to innovate. We believe it is time to change the paradigm to outcome-based thinking: employers take in active role in not just compensating employees, but in helping them achieve lasting success in and out of the workplace.