There is a serious and growing gap between the effort and expense employers are putting into benefits and how employees feel about their compensation.  While 62% of employers now feel extreme responsibility for their employees’ financial health—up from just 13% in 2013—two-thirds of employees believe their employers do not care about their financial wellness.

Employers are spending more than ever on health insurance plans.  In the United States, businesses are spending roughly four times as much on this benefit as they pay in corporate taxes.  But many employees still feel uninsured.

Why is that?  Sadly, it comes down to simple math.  69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, and most employers have moved to high deductible health plans.  In fact, the average deductible has now reached over $4,300 for individuals and over $8,400 for families.  And that is not factoring in the coinsurance and copays that follow.

Employees need a resource that provides pathways to activating the value of the compensation packages employers already provide.  A financial security benefit allows employees access to low or no-cost loans or grants and helps bridge the massive gaps in today’s high deductible health plans, along with providing a security blanket for other shock financial needs.

We can help.