Stress has always been a problem in the workplace, but it has gotten much worse since America started working from home.

Longer hours, the pandemic, fear of job loss, and financial stress are driving more people to the breaking point, and financial stress leads way.  The worst part is that employees believe their employers do not care: a recent survey found that employees’ perception of their companies’ effort to connect and solve their problems has dropped.  That same study found that “burnout risk” has reached a two-year high, reporting “…we are in unprecedented employee-burnout territory.  Even the term ‘burnout’ has arguably become a limited representation of what we are facing: a sustained level of stress, anxiety, and provocation with no end in sight.”

In fact, two out of three employees are feeling more stressed than before the pandemic and 69% of employees are experience burnout symptoms.  Employees who are working from home do not have access to the perks many office environments provided like gym memberships, lunches, and socialization.  Home now feels like the office (because it is) and that makes it hard to find relief from stress.

People need resources and tools to help them.  We recently engaged with a new client and the feedback from participants (we call them Heroes) has been dramatic.  Having their employer demonstrate that they care by providing direct access to resources and, more importantly, a human relationship to help them make meaningful financial progress has already helped offload stress.

Let’s work together to prove to your people that they are your top priority.