We know how hard employers work to provide compensation packages to their employees.  Every leader in our organization has experience running a business.  The costs, complexities, and challenges that come with payroll and benefits seem almost never-ending.  And, unfortunately, for a lot of employees, the cornerstone benefits (retirement plans and medical insurance) are perceived to be the minimum requirement to secure a quality team member.

HR professionals share that they hear about their payroll and benefits most often in the form of complaints:

  • “Why has the cost of my health care gone up when the plan isn’t any better?”
  • “Why aren’t we getting cost of living increases this year?”
  • “Why can’t I take another loan from my 401(k)?”

Employers are justifiably frustrated that their employees are not more appreciative of the time and expense it takes to provide and administer wages and cornerstone benefits.  But the sad truth is that since nearly every employer offers these benefits, your people will leave if they can get even a modest raise somewhere else.

To show your people you truly care, how about providing a benefit that is unique?  How about considering an option that specifically addresses the greatest cause of stress in your employees’ lives?  Instead of another benefit to track and use, what if you gave them a human assistant to help them turn their intentions into actions that lead to life-changing progress?

Mental health benefits are at the top of many employers’ wish lists.  But how can you effectively address mental health without dealing with the dominant stressor in some one’s life?

Financial stress causes anxiety, insecurity, and fear in half of American workers.[1]  It is the dominant stressor for more than half of employees.  And even those in a strong position experience guilt and shame about actions they know they should be taking to make their financial world more efficient.

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[1] Northwestern Mutual Planning and Progress Study 2018 https://news.northwesternmutual.com/planning-and-progress-2018